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664 Pinnacle Church Rd, Nebo NC  28761                           2009 Pinnacle Baptist Church All Rights Reserved A Better Way To Get To Jesus A Condemned King A Letter From Jude A Longing An Unwelcome Visitor At The Lord's Supper And You Another Generation Are We Stirred Up Part 1 Are We Stirred Up Part 2 Are You Free Are You Noising He's In The House Are You Part Of The Falling Away Part 1 Are You Part Of The Falling Away Part 2 Being Christ Minded Bring Them Hither To Me Part 1 Bring Them Hither To Me Part 2 But Seek Ye First But The Lord Is Faithful David As A Father David In The Cave Do You Have A Pot Do You Remember Elimelech & The Prodigal Part 1 Elimelech & The Prodigal Part 2 Fret Not God Has A Record Part 1 God Has A Record Part 2 Grace And Restoration Great Was The Fall And Ruin Of The House Harken And Remember Have We Prepared With All Our Might Have You Believed He Is He Is Faithful He Is Good How Excellent Is Thy Name How Salty Are We? How To Praise If Not Jesus, Then Who? In The Beginning God Is He In Your Boat Is There Anything Too Hard For God It's Time To Break Down Some Walls Journey To A Higher Place King Of Kings Lessons From The Seashore More Grace Oh So Close Pass It On Part 1 Pass It On Part 2 Paying The Debt With Oil Preeminence Psalms 19 Put Your Head In The Clouds And Sound The Trumpet Sailing To A Purpose Seeing The Voice Sin At The Supper, Is It I Take No Thought The 7th Vision of Zachariah The Church The Devils Believe and Tremble The Form Of The Fourth The Garden Experience The Homecoming The Hour Of Jesus The Journey To Communing With God Part 1 The Journey To Communing With God Part 2 The Samaritian Leper The Sheep Door The Trinity In The Lord's Supper There Is A Lad Here This Same Jesus Today Unconditional Pardon Wages Of Sin Watching Jesus What Does It Take To Be Worthy What If There Was No Morning What If This Was Your Last Supper What Is To Be Done For You What It Takes To Make God Dwell In You What Shall We Do What Will We Do With The Ark Of God What'd You Say What's In Your Pot Which Is Who Is Your Ruler Why Did Jesus Weep Wow Yes There Is